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Partners First Credit Card Partners First credit card program isn’t actually a credit card, it is a program that allows your company or non profit organization to offer a credit card to your customers. You can choose between Visa or MasterCard (or both).

Partners First credit cards are provided by Western Alliance Bank Corporation, with subsidiaries that include Shine Investments, Bank of Nevada, Alta Alliance Bank, Western Alliance Equipment Finance, First Independent Bank of Nevada, Alliance Bank of Arizona and Torrey Pines Bank. These banks provide local banking services in Arizona. Compare credit card offers now!

A benefit to using Partners First to provide your company sponsored credit card is that they also build your website related to that card. This is beneficial as they also do all of the marketing to ensure that when someone searches for your type of credit card they see your site in their results.

Partners First Credit Card Overview

Even though you will be able to personalize your credit card to suit your company or organization, the basics of each credit card are the same. Each offers 1% cash back credit card benefits on all purchases. How you use those rewards will depend on what reward program that you select for your customers, options include merchandise, gift cards, travel or a combination of rewards.

One area that Partners First is different from other reward credit card providers is that their points never expire as long as your account is active. In addition, there are no limits as to how many points you can actually collect.

You can expect your credit card interest rates to range from 12.24% to 22.24%, depending on the credit score of the applicant and the criteria you set for the card. Some cards will have a penalty interest rate of 27.99%, again, depending on the criteria you choose.

Partners First Credit Card Benefits

  • No annual fees
  • Flexible rewards program
  • Points never expire
  • No cap on points earned
  • Choose your card look and program

Partners First Credit Card Considerations

While not like of the business credit cards, this is a program for business owners or organizations. Although you can apply for one of the many Partners First credit card programs, you have to find them first!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Partners First Credit Card”

  1. William Eckstrom says:
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    This card was obtained for my daughter who is a student at the Univ. of NE. She has traveled with the card both domestically and internationally and had it trigger fraud alerts, but I was always able to handle them. This time she was traveling to San Fran where again this morning I received a message from the fraud dept. that some charges needed to be approved. I immediately called back and was on hold for over 30 minutes. I called back approx. 30 minutes later and was on hold for another 40. In frustration I called customer service and explained my issue and all they did was connect me with the fraud dept, and I again was on hold for 15 minutes. I hung up and again called customer service and again explained the situation of my daughter being in San Francisco and asked them to please not freeze her card, for it was her only means of paying for hotel and meals. I was told they could do nothing, but the fraud department wait times were now around 30 minutes as opposed to 60. She again connected me to the fraud line where I again waited and eventually hung up. Received a call from my daughter a while ago who told me the hotel contacted her for her Partners First card was rejected. I again called the fraud line and got through to a person who finally took care of the issue–the total process took over six hours, two of which I was either on hold or on the phone with customer service. Clearly one of the worst customer service experience I’ve had and will drop the card when she returns from her trip.

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