Pen Air Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum

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Pen Air Federal Credit Union Visa PlatinumThere are several other rewards Visa Platinum credit cards available on the market today. As such, it’s up to the credit card companies to provide you with an option that will attract you to their credit card. The Pen Air FCU believes that they it has an enticing offer for you with its Visa Platinum credit card with CU Rewards.

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More and more credit unions are offering rewards credit cards. This is a change because, in the past, the assumption was that since most credit unions offered credit cards with very low interest rates, they didn’t need to offer rewards as well. However, the competition between credit unions has gotten fierce as well, which has led to a lot of options when it comes to a credit union reward credit card.

Pen Air FCU Visa Platinum Rewards Program

To begin, Pen Air offers participates in the CU Rewards program. This program allows you to earn one point for every $1 that you spend using your Pen Air FCU Visa Platinum credit card.

In addition to earning points with your everyday purchases, you can also visit the CU Rewards website and purchase items from sponsored vendors to earn additional points. What’s more, these purchases will lead to deep discounts on the items being purchased.

Points can be redeemed for merchandise or travel.

Travel includes plane, train, or boat tickets, as well as hotel accommodations. In many cases, you will find discounted travel when you use your points to pay for your travel.

Pen Air FCU Visa Platinum Terms and Fees

The credit card APR for this card is 8.69% to 17.9%, which applies to purchases and cash advances, as well as balance transfers. The penalty APR, which applies if you miss a single credit card payment to the Pen Air FCU, is 18%.

There is a 25-day credit card grace period for all new purchases when it comes to the interest applied. If you haven’t paid off your balance in those 25 days, then the new interest rate will be calculated.

The interest rate for this Visa Platinum credit card is based on the federal prime rate. This means that, if the prime rate increases or decreases, then your interest rate will change accordingly.

There is no annual fee for this Visa Platinum credit card, but there are cash advance and foreign transaction fees that are based on each of your purchase totals. Any late fees will be based upon your credit card balance and will not exceed $29.

Pen Air FCU Visa Platinum Bottom Line

There is nothing especially great about this credit card, but isn’t a terrible credit card either. It simply falls in the middle of the credit card list in terms of benefits versus fees. Comparing the terms for this card to other credit cards makes sense because it is possible to get better deals, depending on what your credit report looks like.

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