Peoples State Bank Visa Business Credit Card

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Peoples State Bank Visa Business Credit CardIf you own or operate a small business, having a business credit card is an important part of everyday business. From paying bills and making purchases to enhance your inventory, to purchasing airline tickets for travel, a business credit card is a vital advantage. If you do not own or run a business, Peoples State Bank also offers two consumer credit cards – the Visa Classic and the Visa Gold Card.

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Peoples State Bank not only offers credit cards, but traditional banking products as well. Some of these include deposit products such as checking and savings accounts, as well as loan products such as auto loans and mortgages.

Applying for a Visa Business Credit Card from Peoples State Bank

To apply for a Visa Business card, you must visit one of the many Peoples State Bank offices located in either Texas or Louisiana. There are a total of 15 branches, with the main branch located in Many, Louisiana.

In most cases, it is best to also have a deposit account on hand with Peoples State Bank if you are applying for a business credit card. This allows you to set up automatic payments to the credit card, as well as create an overdraft protection account for your checking account.

Even though having a business credit card is important, there are still some crucial facts you should know before applying for and using a business credit card.

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Peoples State Bank Visa Business Credit Card Benefits

There are many benefits associated with having the Visa Business card from Peoples State Bank. These include complete travel accident insurance when you use the card to purchase airfare or rent a car to travel. In fact, the travel accident insurance covers anyone traveling with you, such as a spouse and children or even a colleague, and there is no cost for the service.

In addition, you get three months of protection on any new product you purchase with the card. This protection covers against accidental damage, even if the item is broken by you. You can also automatically qualify for an extended warranty protection service, which extends the manufacturer’s warranty by up to a year.

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