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Pet Rescue By Judy, Inc. Credit Card Central Florida’s Pet Rescue By Judy, Inc. is a central Florida animal rescue and option organization dedicated to finding “forever homes” for abandoned or unwanted cats and dogs. Pet Rescue By Judy is a non-profit organization which is funded by a combination of adoption fees and generous donations. You can help support the ongoing work through the organization’s Visa Platinum Pet Rescue By Judy, Inc. credit card.

The Pet Rescue By Judy credit card is a Visa platinum card which provides for a $50 donation upon every new application which is approved. UMB, the card’s issuer, makes ongoing contributions on behalf of card holders based on monthly card usage. Compare credit card offers from other good causes!

Links to a secure, online application form can be found at the CardPartner web site or the Pet Rescue By Judy web site. There are two dog designs, two cat designs, and one generic design to choose from at the time of application. All five design choices feature the Pet Rescue By Judy logo.

Pet Rescue By Judy Credit Card Details

The Pet Rescue By Judy credit card is similar to other UMB affinity credit cards with a standard interest rate of 12.99% on all purchases. 12.99% also applies to balance transfer credit card activity considered by UMB as purchases. Those considered as cash advances incur a rate of 16.99%, which is also the APR for general cash advances. The penalty rate of 21.75% is modest when compared to some other credit cards.

The Pet Rescue By Judy credit card charges no annual fee and includes a 0% introductory fee for the first six months. There are various other transaction fees and penalties that can be applied. See the terms and conditions during the application process for details regarding charges and fees.

Pet Rescue By Judy Platinum Benefits

As with most other Visa Platinum cards, the Pet Rescue By Judy rewards credit card earns reward points for every dollar in net purchases, which the card holder can redeem for cash back, event tickets, merchandise at select retailers, airline tickets, and more. Points are tracked and administering through an online account management tool.

Card holders automatically receive Visa Platinum’s 100% Fraud Protection guarantee, travel accident and auto rental insurance, 24/7 online account management , 24/7 emergency customer assistance, emergency cash and credit card replacement, and much more. Find more online credit card offers today!

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