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Philadelphia Phillies Credit CardThere was a time when you could get an MLB credit card to show your team loyalty for the Philadelphia Phillies. This article will tell you about the features of the defunct Philadelphia Phillies credit card and also about what credit cards you can use now to show your support.

The Philadelphia Phillies is a Major League Baseball team playing out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their home games are played at the Citizens Bank Park. Find current online credit cards now!

Fans of the Phillies or any other baseball team tend show support any way they can. That is why offering a Philadelphia Phillies sports credit card is a good idea. Fans will apply in order to show their team loyalty and are able to earn rewards for Phillies merchandise to show even more support.

The Features of the Defunct Philadelphia Phillies Credit Card

When the original MLB credit card for the Phillies was offered, it came with a 0% introductory offer. The 0% was good for one year before the default APR kicked in. There was no annual fee and with your very first purchase you earned a jersey that was officially licensed by the MLB.

As you continued to use your card you earned points that you could later redeem for autographed merchandise or game tickets. You could also use your points to gain VIP access. If you preferred to use your points for non-MLB related items, you could turn them in for travel credit card benefits or cash back credit card rewards.

The Features of the New Philadelphia Phillies Credit Card

Bank of America is now issuing the MLB Extra Bases credit card. With these sports credit cards you can proudly display the Philadelphia Phillies logo every time you make a purchase.

Rewards include 20% savings on MLB merchandise and points that can be earned and redeemed for various sports related items. You can also redeem your points for cash or travel.

The Fees for a Philadelphia Phillies Credit Card

Happily for Phillies fans, there is no annual fee to use your credit card. You can also qualify for a 0% introductory rate that is good for up to 10 months. Afterwards, your APR will increase to a minimum 12.99% and a maximum 20.99%, based on your overall credit history.

Although Phillies fans can no longer get the original MLB credit card, they can still show their support and earn rewards with the new Extra Bases credit card. Find more online credit card offers now!

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