Phillips 66 Conoco 76 Credit Card

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Phillips 66 Conoco 76 Credit CardIf you gas up at a Phillips 66, Conoco, or 76 gas station, then you may want to consider applying for a Phillips 66 Conoco 76 credit card. You can choose from a station only credit card or a MasterCard.

You can order additional cards for your family members at no charge. You can also order extra cards for business associates if you are using the Phillips 66 Conoco 76 credit card for your business. Get more online credit card offers now!

There are four cards to choose from when considering the fuel credit cards from Phillips 66 Conoco 76. Your choices are the Personal Card, the Premium Card, the MasterCard, and the Commercial Card.

Choosing Your Phillips 66 Conoco 76 Credit Card

If you are looking for a gas credit card that works strictly for the gas stations and not other merchants, then you can choose between the Personal Card and the Premium Card. Both cards are good at all Phillips 66, Conoco, 76 stations.

The rates are the same for both cards, with a 24.99% purchase APR and a 29.95% cash advance APR. However, the Personal Card does not have an annual fee while the Premium Card costs $29 per year.

In exchange for the annual fee, you receive 10% cash back credit card rewards on select motels, hotels, and cruises. You get 5% cash back for airline tickets and car rentals. In addition, you get dining discounts worth up to 60% off.

Choosing the Phillips 66 Conoco 76 MasterCard

The Phillips 66 Conoco 76 MasterCard is issued by Citibank and works just like a regular credit card. You are allowed to use this card to get cash from ATMs but you will be charged for this as a cash advance. Commercial credit cards are not given this privilege.

There is no annual fee for this card and the APR is 19.99% variable for purchases. The card does earn rewards credit card points, so you get 4% rebates for gas as well as up to 1% back on other purchases that qualify.

The Phillips 66 Conoco 76 Commercial Card

If you have employees who travel or need to track your fleet’s expenses, the Phillips 66 Conoco 76 credit card has the solution with their no annual fee Commercial Card. You get detailed statements with online account management to track expenses.

Using a Phillips 66 Conoco 76 credit card is convenient for consumers and businesses. Earning rewards for gas purchases makes it even better. Find more online credit cards here!

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    200 dollar gas card

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