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Phoenix Mercury Credit CardWhen it comes to sports, it’s not just a man’s world. Women play professional sports, too. The WNBA is the Women’s National Basketball Association and is comprised of many different teams, including the Phoenix Mercury. Sadly, if you are looking to get a Phoenix Mercury credit card to show your support, you will not be able to get one.

The WNBA was going to sponsor its own series of credit cards, but the final product was never released. This means that no matter whom your favorite team is in the WNBA, you cannot get a credit card with its logo on it. Find other online credit card offers here!

However, there are many sports teams that you can support through various credit cards. The NBA, the NFL, and the MBA have all issued credit cards that sport your favorite team logo.

Support Your Team without a Phoenix Mercury Credit Card

Even though you can’t get a Phoenix Mercury credit card, you can still show support for your favorite team. You can attend games and wear Phoenix Mercury apparel wherever you go. You can use any major credit card to buy team merchandise.

Using Your Credit Card to Shop for Phoenix Mercury Merchandise

You can get a variety of Phoenix Mercury merchandise to show your team spirit. Choose from T-shirts or jerseys with the Phoenix Mercury logo, the WNBA logo, or your favorite player’s number.

In addition to team apparel, you can use your credit card or other sports credit cards to buy Phoenix Mercury merchandise for your home or office. Items include clocks, flags, and pennants.

Requesting a Phoenix Mercury Credit Card

Although the last attempt at a WNBA credit card failed, that does not mean it may not happen in the future. There is a lot of power in the voice of fans and it is possible to generate enough interest to drum up the concept of a new WNBA credit card.

The NBA used to offer rewards credit cards for five different teams and none of them are available any longer. Credit card offers are always changing to offer new rewards or incentives and entice people to apply to become cardholders.

Fans have loud voices; they shout at all the games and drown out everything else. Use that same team spirit to send enthused letters of request to the WNBA to see what can be done about getting a Phoenix Mercury credit card. Find online credit cards now!

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