Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold Credit Card

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Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold Credit Card You cannot transfer balances onto the Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold credit card; however, all other charges are compounded at just 13.8% interest. This is the only MasterCard-branded credit card offered by Pinnacle Bank. The amount of credit extended by Pinnacle Bank on the Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold depends upon your debt-to-income ratio, credit score, and overall banking relationship.

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Reuters has reported that new credit card regulations could cause advertised interest rates to differ from what financial institutions actually charge. This means that, while Pinnacle Bank only charges 13.8% interest on its MasterCard Gold card, the APR could be different by the time that you go to apply for the credit card.

Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold Credit Card Interest and Fees

Only a few set fees apply to the Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold credit card.

Late payments, foreign transactions, and replacement credit cards all come with fixed charges.

Late-paying credit cardholders are responsible for a $20 charge per billing period. Charges made while outside of the U.S. are financed at 1% interest.

Going over your Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold limit will not result in an over-the-limit fee. Although cardholders may find it convenient that Pinnacle Bank charges no credit card default interest rate or fees for exceeding the credit limit, you should still avoid abusing your account privileges. Pinnacle Bank can close the account of any cardholder that has repayment issues.

Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold Credit Card Perks

The main benefit of the Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold card is that cardholders can count on paying the same standard interest rate on all types of finance charges. The APR can only change provided that Pinnacle Bank gives you adequate time to respond. In addition, you can keep the same 13.9% interest rate if you decide to close your account.

With no yearly membership charge, free online billing access, and several different ways that consumers can apply, the Pinnacle Bank MasterCard Gold is a wise choice for educated credit card shoppers. Additional rewards are not available on this credit card, but your monthly credit card payment amounts will always be easy to estimate.

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