Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

With the price of airfare increasing all the time, earning free miles is a great way to travel. The American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card is one way that you can earn free miles to apply towards business trips, vacations, surprise get-aways, or to purchase tickets for someone else.

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By charging your regular expenses, you are adding up free miles to be redeemed at your leisure. Take a look at how this credit card works by reading the American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card review below, and how it compares to other reward credit cards, travel credit cards, and airline credit cards, before you decide to go with any specific reward card.

How the SkyMiles Card Works

With the American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card you get one mile for almost every dollar that you spend. And miles don’t have to be redeemed on only Delta. There are over 15 airlines that work with Delta and accept the miles earned with this card. The great thing is when you purchase your tickets with your free miles, you earn more miles.

Some airlines have blackout dates and when you try to redeem your miles you are left with travel times you don’t want. This is not the case with American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. Once you earn only 10,000 miles you can redeem your miles with an added $100 off. If you don’t have enough miles to get a ticket, you can pay partially with your miles and pay the rest another way.

Traveling alone is not always fun, so this card exclusively offers a yearly Platinum Companion Certificate. You can redeem this certificate to bring a companion with you on a trip. The certificate has no blackout dates and it can be used on any fare. This is a great way to save even more. Saving your miles for the perfect trip and being able to bring along a friend is something you can’t do with other cards.

This card is for those with excellent credit; therefore, the credit limit will be high and in some cases unlimited. Because of this, American Express offers a Miles Booster. The Miles Booster gives you an extra 10,000 miles when you make $25,000 in purchases during a year. If you reach $50,000 in purchases, you get an additional 10,000 points. The Miles Booster is automatic. You don’t have to ask for this program or sign up. When you get your card, you are automatically enrolled.

Additional AmEx Delta SkyMiles Benefits

With this card come additional benefits. One of those benefits is the Global Assist Hotline. This service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are on a trip you can call the hotline if you need emergency assistance, medical assistance, legal assistance, or financial assistance. The Global Assist Hotline is available only if you travel more than 100 miles from home. Services such as translation, emergency cash, help with lost passports, luggage retrieval, and connecting with legal professionals are included.

Another benefit available when using an American Express credit card is the Worldwide Travel Service Location options. American Express has over 2,000 locations worldwide to help travelers in need of assistance. If you have the American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, you can go into any of these locations if you need help making travel arrangements, lose a card, or need emergency cash.

Some other benefits that help travelers are Guaranteed Room Reservations and Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance. If you use your credit card to reserve your room, your reservation is guaranteed even if you are late. If you arrive and your room is not available for any reason, the hotel will find you a room in a nearby hotel, as well as transportation to that hotel. If you use your card to pay for your rental car, you automatically have rental loss and damage insurance at no extra cost.

When traveling, card holders have access to over 500,000 ATMs. Just use your card to with draw cash with your previously assigned PIN number. The same is true for Travelers Cheques. You can get American Express Travelers Cheques at several locations around the world and lost checks can be replaced quickly.

Two other types of insurance that are offered are Baggage Insurance Plan and Travel Accident Insurance. When you use your card to purchase your tickets, you automatically have baggage insurance in the amount of $1,250 for carry-on and $500 for checked bags. You also get up to $100,000 travel accident insurance when you make travel arrangements with your card.

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The American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card has a lot to offer those who like to travel. If you still aren’t sure if this card is for you, you can compare it with other travel credit cards to see if it would be your best deal. Use the credit card chaser to compare travel cards and many other types of credit cards to find the one that best fits your travel needs. Apply for the American Express Delta SkyMiles Credit Card at the top of the page or compare other cards to find the best credit card now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express”

  1. Drevis100 says:
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 33333
    • 55555

    I was Skymiles Silver (October 2011). Opened offer for Amex Platinum Delta Skymiles card that read ‘exclusive offer for medallion members’. Applied online for card and approved in less than five minutes. Received card a week later on October 4.

    Offer: first purchase 15k miles of which 5k are MQM’s, then purchase $1500 by end of calendar year and get 25k miles of which 10k are MQM’s, plus use card on Delta purchase (any amount) and get $100 statement credit.

    Went to grocery store (Dillons/Krogers) and bought three $500 gift cards (I buy gas and groceries there anyway…should be used up in a month or so with my family.

    Miles just posted (40k miles and 15k MQM’s) on October 12 as five transactions on same day. Unbelievable.

    I bought a snack on a flight yesterday with the card and just cut it up. I am canceling card after paying off my $1500 gift card purchase next month. There is a $150 annual fee and with my soon to post $100 statement credit will be $50.

    Well worth it. I am a Dave Ramsey follower and ‘bent the rules’ here, but was worth it in my opinion. I have no credit cards now (as before) and got my email from Delta already that I am Gold Medallion and I have 40k miles for 30 minutes of effort.

    Very cool.

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