Police and Fire Credit Union PFFCU Credit Card

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Police and Fire Credit Union Credit CardThe Police and Fire Credit Union (PFFCU) credit card is one benefit of this group that offers personal financial services to its members. The organization’s primary focus is on deposits and loan products.

Membership in the Credit Union is open to active or retired Philadelphia police officers and firefighters. Family members of eligible individuals can also joint the PFFCU. This offer is available to parents and grandparents of a member. In addition, brothers, sisters and children of a member can apply for membership in the PFFCU. Find other credit card offers now!

Applications for membership can be made online and are approved within one business day. The applicant is sent a copy of the approved form for signature and the PFFCU arranges for a transfer of funds from the new customer’s existing checking account to a PFFCU one.

The Credit Union offers two cards to its members. The one that a customer should choose depends on his or her needs and goals.

Police and Fire Credit Union PFFCU Credit Card: Rewards

The PFFCU offers cardholders points they can collect and redeem for merchandise or travel credit card rewards. No annual fee is charged to consumers who choose this card. No fees are charged for cash advance credit card use.

Police and Fire Credit Union PFFCU Credit Card: Money Back

Customers who choose the PFFCU credit card with the cash back credit card option can get 1% cash back on all qualified purchases. This is a simple way to get a reward for simply using the card for everyday purchases.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on this card varies with the prime rate. The customer will be advised of how his or her rate is calculated when the account is opened, and it depends on his or her creditworthiness. The calculation is expressed as the prime rate plus a set percentage rate.

Police and Fire Credit Union PFFCU Credit Card Protects Against Identity Theft

All customers who choose a PFFCU credit card can take advantage of identity theft protection at no extra charge. This important feature means they can use the card with confidence for purchases online or in brick and mortar stores. Get more online credit card offers now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Police and Fire Credit Union PFFCU Credit Card”

  1. Timothy J. McMenamin says:
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    PFFCU…I was offered a 12 month 0 % interest rate credit card , No charges for purchases, bal. transfers, or cash advances. I accepted this card and it was issued on 09/13/2010. I had a problem with a balance transfer check that was supposed to have been sent on 07/01/11 but the other bank never recieved it . I had to cancel that check after six weeks because it never cleared. This caused me to incur an intrest charge from the other bank that I wouldn’t have if the check was recieved . Luckily I paid the minimum balance myself , so there was no late fee. Then in August PFFCU started to charge me intrest ( a month earlier than I should have started ot be charged intrest ). I tried to explain this to police and fire but I got no satisfaction, in fact they told me that they have never offered a 12 mo. 0% interest card. Well they did , and if they only ever offered 6 mo. interest free card then I would have started to incur interest in March 2011 not August 2011. I just refinanced my 2nd home with pffcu no fee, but I think I’m going to find another lender, close my accounts, and just get away from this credit union completely.

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