Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card A Classic Visa credit card like this one offered to members of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union is often the first type of Visa card a person will get. It is considered to be the first stepping stone on a road that could easily lead to more selective Visa cards with more rewards opportunities, higher credit limits, and lower interest rates. This card is a great choice for someone just starting out that wants a reliable credit card from a trusted provider.

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Since this card is for people with average credit scores, the interest rates are a bit higher than they would be with a higher level Visa. If the cardholder wants a card with lower rates, they need to focus on raising their credit score. The My Money website score has great information on how someone can begin to improve their credit score.

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Rates

As with most other credit cards, the interest rate that a holder of the Polish & Slavic FCU Classic Visa card will receive for balance transfers, cash advances, and purchases entirely depends on their creditworthiness. The term “creditworthiness” is used to describe the amount of risk a provider is taking when they issue someone a credit card.

The provider looks at the applicant’s credit score, which is a number based on the applicant’s credit history, collateral, and loan characteristics.

If the applicant has a high score their annual percentage rate will be low, and if their score is low their interest will be high.

The lowest credit card interest rate someone can expect to have with this card is 12.9%.

The final interest rate that the cardholder gets might be higher than 12.9%, but it will also be fixed. Many consumers prefer a fixed APR credit card to a variable interest rate because that means their interest rate will not suddenly rise. This credit card has a potential credit limit that goes up to $10,000.

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Fees

This card does not have as many fees as other Visa cards. There is no annual fee, cash advance fee, or balance transfer fee.

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