Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card

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Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Visa Secured Credit CardNot everyone can easily get approved for a regular credit card. Sometimes this is because they have no established credit history or have had financial problems in the past that have seriously affected their credit score. The best way for someone in this situation to get approved for a credit card, while simultaneously improving their credit score, is by getting a secured credit card.

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If someone is looking into getting a secured credit card because their credit score has been damaged, they also need to work on repairing their credit score in other ways. If you find that your debt has gotten out of control and you are struggling to makes ends meet, you should focus on getting back to the basics of good money management. The official website for the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, MyMoney.gov, has a wealth of information on how to manage money in good times as well as bad times.

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card Rates and Fees

This Secured Visa Credit Card from Polish & Slavic FCU has a fixed interest rate of 12.9%.

This rate might be considered high compared to other credit cards offered by this credit union, but it is much lower than the rates commonly found on secured credit cards offered by banks.

There is no annual fee or cash advance fee for this card.

The Way that a Secured and an Unsecured Credit Card Differ

The main way a secured credit card is different from a more common, unsecured credit card is that the cardholder must make a deposit on this card before they receive it. This deposit acts as collateral that protects the provider from the cardholder defaulting on the account. The credit limit for the card is determined by the amount of the deposit.

There is typically a minimum deposit amount, but the cardholder can add more money later on if they want a higher credit limit. This Polish & Slavic FCU secured credit card can have a credit limit as high as $10,000.

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