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Popular Photography & Imaging Credit Card An online search for Popular Photography & Imaging credit card won’t lead you to a credit card that you can personalize with a photograph, but you can personalize a card if you wish. There are many online credit cards to choose from that offer this option.

Many sports credit cards offer team logos, and several affinity credit cards offer charity logo pictures. Bank of America offers a more personal service, as images can be added to a card when a new account is opened or to a card attached to an existing one. Find other credit card offers today!

A digital photograph is needed to add an image to a card. Once the personalized card has been issued, it can be used as a form of identification if desired, as long as the cardholder adds a picture of him or herself.

Popular Photography & Imaging Credit Card: Eligible Cards

Customers who have or will be applying for Bank of America Visa Preferred, Gold or Platinum Plus credit card can request that a personalized photo be added to the face of the card. The photo can be submitted to the Bank once the application has been approved.

Once the photo has been uploaded, the card is delivered to the accountholder within one or two weeks.

Popular Photography & Imaging Credit Card: Adding a Photo

Almost any image can be added to rewards credit cards, student credit cards and even some travel credit cards. A customer can choose to use a photo of him or herself, family members, home or beloved pet. A digital image is used for this purpose, and the customer is asked to download a software program so that they can edit and upload their photo to Bank of America for processing.

The software provided to customers is digitally signed when it is created so that it is virus-free when it is sent out to a customer. If a virus infects the software while en route to the customer’s computer it will not open.

Popular Photography & Imaging Credit Card: Accepted by Merchants

The Bank of America credit card with a personalized image can be used like any other credit card. It is accepted by participating merchants online and in person for purchasing goods and services. Having a personalized credit card can provide a consumer with an extra degree of security when shopping and that is a feature that many people can take advantage of. Find out how this option compares with other online credit cards now!

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