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Princeton University Credit CardPrinceton University is a college with proud graduates all over the world that want to show their pride with their Princeton University credit card. In order to qualify for the Princeton University credit card, however, you have to be an alumnus; students and faculty don’t qualify.

The Princeton University credit card is one of the affinity credit cards offered by Bank of America. The problem, however, is that this is all you can learn from any online source. If you want more information on this card, you have to send a request to The Office of the Alumni Association. Get other credit card offers online now!

The Alumni Association will verify that you are indeed an alumnus and provide you with an application. At this point, you can apply by phone or by mail.

Princeton University Credit Card and Affinity Credit Cards

Because you have to be an alumnus to even learn about this card, there is no way for us to overview the card. That is why this is the perfect opportunity to discuss affinity cards in general.

Affinity credit cards are cards that are designed to promote a charity, organization or a school and provide a percentage of credit card purchases to that charity, organization or school. Affinity cards are responsible for millions of dollars in donations to various charities each year.

You will find that affinity programs work in a variety of ways. Many pay a lump sum to a charity once you activate your card; typically this amount is around $50. After that a percentage of your purchases are donated to your charity, usually on a quarterly bases.

The interest rates will vary from 1% to, more typically, 1/4%. In addition, you will find that most donations aren’t made on each purchase you make but after you have accumulated $100 in purchases, although this will vary between credit card companies.

Princeton University Credit Card Alternatives

Although there are no other options for this card, you can choose other credit cards that represent your interests. They vary from NFL sports credit cards to student credit cards to cards that benefit the SPCA. You just need to decide what you want your card to do for you or for others.

Princeton University Credit Card Bottom Line

This card is obviously not for everyone and, without more information, we can’t recommend it at all. However, you will find there are many other online credit cards that suit your needs if you use our credit card chaser tool today!

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