Pulaski Bank Credit Cards

Those individuals with Pulaski Bank credit cards are reaping the benefits of having excellent credit. Pulaski Bank credit cards offer virtually the lowest interest rates available, making a purchase with a credit card from Pulaski Bank a good one.

What’s more, Pulaski Bank is bank that is considered to be financially sound, with nearly seven billion dollars of assets in 2009. Pulaski Bank has recently rebranded itself and changed its name to Iberia Bank so anytime you hear the name Iberia Bank then remember that it is interchangeable with the Pulaski Bank brand name.

Despite the positive reputation of Pulaski, the credit cards they offer may not be right for you. After you consider the information and benefits of this provider, be sure to take some time to compare them with the credit card offers of other banks. This is the only way you can make an informed choice. Read through this Pulaski Bank credit card review and then use the free credit card “chaser” to compare hundreds of credit cards from top companies online.

Credit Scores & Credit Cards

Before applying for a credit card from Pulaski Bank, it is important to know your credit score. Many people do not realize that every time they apply for a credit card and are turned down, whatever the reason, it adversely affects their credit score. While someone with good credit will be able to get a credit card from most banks that will not happen at Pulaski Bank; your credit has to be impeccable if you want to have a credit card from this bank. If you do have stellar credit, then it is possible, despite your great credit, that you are paying more interest than you should on your credit card if you are not using a Pulaski Bank Card.

Types of Pulaski Bank Credit Cards

Pulaski Bank offers three credit cards to those with excellent credit. These cards vary in a couple of ways. The Visa Classic offers no membership fee, a low variable rate and annual percentage rate, a six-month low introductory rate on balance transfers from other cards, and a 25 day grace period on new purchases.

The Pulaski Bank Visa Gold Card offers a 1% cash back offer on purchases that meet certain criteria, $500,000 travel accident coverage, no membership fees, a low variable annual percentage rate, six months low introductory rate on balance transfers from other credit cards, and a 25 day grace period on all new purchase.

Lastly, Pulaski Bank offers those with excellent credit their Visa Platinum credit card. This card differs from the other credit cards as it offers one bonus point for every qualifying dollar spent, the option to turn points into hotel, travel, gift or experience rewards, and travel accident coverage of $1,000,000. For all three cards applicants are required to show proof of income for both the primary applicant and the co-applicant if that applies.

Pulaski Bank Cardholder Benefits

Another benefit that Pulaski Bank offers their credit card members, no matter what kind of card they have, is the option to view their transactions online as well as pay their monthly payments online. This option makes it very convenient for those who prefer not to deal with checks or snail mail when they pay their monthly bills. Credit card holders can also change their personal information online as well as report stolen cards or if they suspect identity theft.

Credit Management

If you qualify for and choose to procure a Pulaski Bank credit card, you need to understand the importance of keeping your account in good standing with Pulaski. While this is a good idea with any card, Pulaski reviews their account holders regularly to ensure that their accounts and credit scores are in good standing. This is one of the reasons that Pulaski can keep their interest rates so low. Card holders do not have to pay a higher interest rate to cover high risk card carriers who may end up defaulting on their payments.

Is a Pulaski Bank Credit Card
the Best Choice for You?

Choosing the right credit card for your situation is important. If you have excellent credit already, then you may want to consider making a switch to Pulaski. With their super low interest rates, you may find that you are paying well more than you should with your pristine credit score. One of the benefits of keeping your credit in good standing is the lower interest rates that you receive, and Pulaski wants to reward you for your great score.

Compare Pulaski Bank Credit Card Offers

If you meet the criteria for a Pulaski credit card or if you simply want to see if you can find a credit card that is offering you a better interest rate as well as no annual fees, then use the free credit card chaser tool on this site to find and compare cards from many different companies. Get started finding the best credit cards for your needs today!

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