Purdue Federal Credit Union Rewards Credit Card

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Purdue Federal Credit Union Rewards Credit CardThis wonderful rewards credit card offered by the Purdue Federal Credit Union boasts credit limits up to $40,000, an excellent rewards program, and a low fixed annual percentage rate. It would be more than worth it to become a member of this credit union just to have the luxury of a dependable, low-rate credit card like this one.

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The people that most frequently take advantage of rewards credit cards are people that travel a lot. Almost all rewards programs allow cardholders to exchange their rewards points for frequent flier miles or similar travel-related rewards. If a cardholder does intend to rack up their rewards points for free airfare, they should make sure that they fully understand how these miles can affect other parts of their financial life. The Wall Street Journal explains how some frequent flier programs can actually produce taxable income.

Purdue Federal Credit Union Rewards Credit Card Rates

While the regular fixed interest rate for this card is already lower than average for a rewards card, the Purdue Federal Credit Union also offers a new cardholder six months of 1.9% interest on purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.

After this low interest period has expired the provider will determine the cardholder’s new fixed interest rate by their creditworthiness.

To make sure they get to enjoy the full six months of almost no interest, the cardholder should be certain not to miss a payment or turn in a credit card payment late. The cardholder’s regular interest rate will be between 11.5% and 17.5%.

Purdue Federal Credit Union Rewards Credit Card Fees

There is only one type of transaction fee for this credit card and that is a low 1% fee for foreign transactions. There are two penalty fees–a late payment and a returned check fee–both of which cost $25. There is no cash advance fee, balance transfer fee, or annual fee for this card at this time. There is also no fee for going over the credit limit.

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