Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Business Credit Card

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Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Business Credit CardAnyone who has ever run their own business knows that there is always an unexpected expense waiting just around the corner. Whether its a vital piece of equipment that needs to be repaired or a last minute order that needs to be rushed, having a good credit card on hand can definitely save the day without putting outstanding bills or employee payroll at risk. This Visa Business credit card from Purdue Federal Credit Union will give a business owner peace of mind, as well as the ability to earn rewards for their business with each purchase.

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During the height of the recession, it was hard for small business owners to find a good credit card with a low interest rate. As the economy has started to pick up momentum, these types of cards have started becoming more readily available again. This article from Smart Money weighs the pros and cons of small business credit cards.

Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Business Credit Card Rates and Fees

The Purdue FCU Visa Business credit card bases the cardholder’s final interest rate on their creditworthiness. If the business owner has a high credit score, they will be given a great, low interest rate.

The interest range for this card is 11.5% to 13.5%.

This rate is fixed and applies to purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. There is not a penalty interest rate for this card.

There are not many fees for this credit card. In fact, it has no balance transfer fee, annual fee, cash advance fee, or fee for going over the credit limit. There is a 1% transaction fee for foreign transactions that is set by Visa and not the Purdue Federal Credit Union.

Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Business Credit Card Perks

While a small business might need just one card, the business owner can choose to have additional cards made for approved employees. This will help the owner keep track of company purchases and give them a more clear view of where the company’s money is being spent.

If there are multiple cards issued for one business, any rewards points will be accumulated on the primary credit cardholder’s account.

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