Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card

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Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Credit CardOne of the best things about becoming a member of a credit union is being eligible to apply for a credit union credit card. These cards offer low interest rates and the Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa credit card, in particular, combines great rates with a minimum number of fees. This card is a great choice for anyone that is thinking of making a significant balance transfer in the near future.

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Credit unions are a popular choice, especially in today’s economy when so many people do not trust banks. Credit unions are owned by their members, not stockholders, so they have a different set of priorities concerning the public. To find an excellent credit union to join in your area, check out the credit union locator on the National Credit Union Administration’s website.

Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card Rates

A person with this Visa credit card from Purdue Federal Credit Union could pay anywhere from 11.5% to 17.5% in interest for purchases, depending on their credit score. Even if they are on the higher end of the scale, the rate is fixed so they do not have to worry about having to fight a credit card interest rate that changes without warning.

The interest rate for cash advances and balance transfers will be the same as the credit card’s purchase rate after the first six months.

For the first half year that the account is open, the cardholder will only have to pay 1.9% in interest for cash advances and balance transfers.

If the cardholder misses a payment or makes a late payment during this introductory offer, they forfeit the 1.9% and their interest rate increases to its permanent amount.

Purdue Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card Fees

There are very few fees for this credit card, and it is not unusual for a credit card from a credit union to have fewer fees and lower interest rates than a bank-issued credit card. Unfortunately, credit union credit cards are much harder to qualify for.

This Purdue FCU Visa card has no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and no fee for cash advances. There is only a 1% charge for foreign transactions and the fee for late or returned payments is $25.

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