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QuickBooks Credit CardBecause there is no QuickBooks credit card, if you are looking for a way to maximize your QuickBooks use, then you need to find a credit card that is compatible with your QuickBooks program. There are many that will fit that bill, but we will discuss only one today, the Bank of America Platinum Visa Business Credit Card. Get more online credit card offers here!

QuickBooks is a business focused program that was designed to help small business owners who couldn’t afford an accountant and didn’t understand enough accounting to manage their books independently. QuickBooks was such a success that over 80% of small businesses who use these types of programs use QuickBooks as their option.

Since the beginning Inuit worked hard to make it easy for business owners to care for their own books by simplifying every process from bill paying with credit cards to paying their employees. That is part of the reason that business credit cards or the Bank of America Platinum Visa are such a great options for business owners.

QuickBooks and Bank of America Credit Card Overview

As an employer, you want to manage costs. The Bank of America Platinum Visa allows you to do that. Each employee you assign receives his or her own credit card. You stipulate their credit limit as well as their individual transaction limit.

The interest rate will vary between 9.24% to 20.24%, depending on your credit worthiness. There is currently an introductory APR of 0% for 6 billing cycles.

Each cardholder receives a $1,000,000 travel accident insurance policy when you purchase plane, rental car or hotel via the travel credit card rewards. In addition, you are automatically protected by Bank of America’s rental insurance for both accidents and theft of your rental car.

You can easily keep track of your transactions on QuickBooks as you can set up your account with an automatic download each day. This download will include all of your employees’ transactions as well, making it easy to maintain your records!

QuickBooks and Bank of America Credit Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • Accident and rental car insurance
  • Download transactions directly into QuickBooks
  • Low interest rates

QuickBooks and Bank of America Credit Card Considerations

This is a business credit card, which means not everyone can qualify. Try our credit card chaser tool to find more credit card offers today!

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