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QuikTrip Credit Card The QuikTrip credit card can be used at the regional gasoline and convenience store retailer located primarily in the Southern and Midwestern United States. The average QuikTrip store is larger than most gas and convenience store outlets, usually with eight or more gas pumps and a significant retail space offering snacks, drinks, sandwiches, and other items. To encourage gasoline and retail purchases at their stores, QuikTrip offers its own in-house credit card.

The QuikTrip credit card should not be confused with two other debit cards offered by the company. QuikTrip’s Discover debit card and prepaid gas card are two completely separate products. Additionally, where the Discover debit card can be used wherever Discover is accepted, the QuikTrip credit card can only be used for gas and merchandise purchases at QuikTrip locations. Compare more credit cards now!

The QuikTrip web site offers a toll free telephone number for questions regarding all of its card programs. To apply for the QuikTrip credit card, consumers must pick up a paper application at any retail outlet. The application will be filled out and mailed to the company for consideration. Approved consumers should receive their cards in the mail within two weeks.

QuikTrip Credit Card Financial Details

The details of the QuikTrip credit card, including interest rates and fees, are not openly publicized on the company’s web site. However, it is known that the card carries no annual fee and no hidden charges. No finance charges are assessed on accounts that are paid in full within 21 days of the billing date. In addition, for every month beginning with a zero balance, no interest is charged to purchases for the first 21 days of the billing cycle. Many fuel credit cards like this are available online.

QuikTrip Credit Card – Other Details

The QuikTrip rewards credit card is accepted at all QuikTrip locations for both gasoline and merchandise. It can be used for pay-at-the-pump transactions at any gasoline outlet whose pumps have card readers.

The card is issued and managed by UMB and card holders have access to their accounts and statements online through a secure web server. All QuikTrip purchases are itemized on the monthly statement including the item purchased and the location at which the transaction occurred. QuikTrip also offers a fleet account program for businesses that maintain multiple vehicles. Find more online credit cards now!

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