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Quixtar Credit Card The Quixtar credit card from Bank of America was a Visa issued in 2007 as a promotional credit card for Quixtar North America. Quixtar North America was the name given to the North American operations of international MLM company Amway. In 2008 Amway’s parent company decided to drop the Quixtar brand and merge North American operations with worldwide operations under the name Amway Global.

Due to the fact that the Quixtar brand has been discontinued, Bank of America no longer offers the Quixtar credit card. During its run, the Quixtar Visa reward card was similar to other Bank of America rewards credit cards. It could be used anywhere in the world Visa was accepted including retailers, online, and millions of ATMs. Find current online credit card offers now!

One of the factors in the downfall of the Quixtar North American brand name was the perception that the company was an MLM scam. Regardless of whether or not such assertions are true, the Quixtar credit card was not directly tied to the MLM program. It functioned as any other standard Visa credit card, outside of the business practices of Quixtar itself.

Quixtar Credit Card Rewards Program

The Quixtar credit card rewards program was somewhat complicated and difficult to understand. Reward points were divided into two categories; performance value (PV) and business value (BV).

When the card was used to purchase Quixtar products it earned a reward equal to 1.8% PV and 2% BV. For “qualified” purchases elsewhere, cardholders could earn the same amount, while unqualified purchases earned lesser rewards. Additional bonus rewards of 10.25 PV and 25 BV were awarded with the card’s initial purchase.

What these rewards were redeemed for is a bit sketchy. It appears as though the main purpose was to earn rebates on Quixtar products and merchandise from select participating retailers. However, it appears as though rewards could not be redeemed for standard things like air travel credit card benefits and cash back credit card rewards.

Quixtar Credit Card Financial Details

The Quixtar credit card offered an introductory rate of 0% on balance transfers and cash advance checks for the first 12 billing cycles. This is a unusual in that most credit cards do not provide the introductory rate for cash advances. The standard rate the for all transactions was 7.99% to 13.99% depending on credit score at the time of application. The card had no annual fee and no application fee.  Compare this with other credit card offers today!

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