Quorum Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Quorum Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit CardThe Quorum Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card is one of two credit cards offered by QFCU to its members. The other is a RateWise MasterCard. The Visa Platinum offers a rewards program, whereas the MasterCard does not.

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QFCU is located in New York. To apply for one of its credit cards, you must first become a member of QFCU. The membership is restricted to employees of certain affiliated companies and their family members. In addition, you have to open a member savings account with at least $25.

QFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Benefits

The QFCU Visa Platinum card rewards its cardholders by enrolling them in the CURewards program. This is a points-based program where you earn a point for each dollar spent on purchases.

You can start redeeming the points for merchandise with as few as 2,000 points. Travel rewards start at 30,000. CBS has more info on using reward points – read the online article “Credit Cards: Worst Ways to Redeem Rewards.”

Besides the rewards program, there are some definite advantages to having this Visa Platinum card. It has no annual credit card fee, which is unusual for a rewards credit card.

In addition, the card is part of the Falcon Fraud Protection service offered by QFCU. You’ll also have your own passwords when buying online. These services help to keep you and your money safe. QFCU also has round-the-clock customer service for its cardholders. So, if your card is ever lost or stolen, you can talk to someone who can help right away.

QFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Rates and Fees

The QFCU Visa Platinum card offers lower rates than most other rewards credit cards. In addition to no annual fee, the APR starts as low as 10.25% and goes up to 18%. This variable rate will depend on your credit score and income.

You can also transfer balances over to the QFCU Visa Platinum with no fee.

They also offer credit card convenience checks, but these carry fees and higher interest rates.

One of the most convenient things about a credit card from the same institution you bank with is that you can set up automatic payments, so you’ll never worry about missing one. At QFCU, you can set up this automatic payment from either your Quorum checking account or savings account.

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