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QVC Qcard Credit Card QVC is perhaps the world’s most popular retail merchandiser on cable TV. Reaching over 98 million American households, QVC offers their own in-house credit card to make shopping with them convenient. The QVC Qcard credit card can only be used for purchases through QVC, unlike a traditional Visa or MasterCard, which can be used at millions of locations worldwide.

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The QVC Qcard credit card can only be procured by current QVC customers. To apply for the card, QVC members may log into their accounts via the QVC web site and fill out the application. Those without a QVC account can open one online and then apply for the card.

The details of the QVC Qcard credit card suggests it’s a wise choice only for regular QVC shoppers who are able to pay their balance in full at the end of every month. Consumers who choose to carry a balance on their credit cards may find the QVC card too costly to maintain.

QVC Qcard Credit Card Rates and Fees

The QVC Qcard credit card charges no annual fee and no fee for exceeding the credit limit. In addition there is a longer than average grace period of 25 days during billing cycles that start with a zero balance. That being said, the standard interest rate and penalty fees are extremely high in comparison to industry average.

All purchases are charged at an APR of 22.8%. Late payment fees apply on a sliding scale beginning at $15.00 for balances under $25.00, and increasing all the way to $39.00 for balances over $500.00. Returned payments are charged a fee of $29.00.

QVC Qcard Credit Card Benefits

Despite the high interest rates and fees, the QVC Qcard retail credit card does have some benefits for regular shoppers. The card allows the option of deferred payments and the ability to make large retail purchases that and be paid for over a period of time. As long as the consumer keeps his account current, he can always use the card to make QVC purchases up to his credit limit.

In order to obtain the QVC Qcard credit card, applicants need to be 18 years of age and have a good credit history with no bankruptcies or default judgments; this is not a bad credit credit card. Find other credit card offers now!

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