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RaceWay Credit Card RaceWay is a sister company of RaceTrac and is in charge of the contract-operator division. RaceWay offers fuel as well as convenience items through its RaceTrac stores. RaceWay is open to all individuals, but its RaceWay credit card is geared for the business owner.

If you have a business, you can apply for a RaceWay credit card to help manage fuel expenses. Whether you have a transportation company, a messenger service, or simply a company that uses gas as a company expense, RaceWay can help you track and control your expenses.

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Both diesel fuel and kerosene can be purchased with a RaceWay credit card. Some locations are also now supplying propane. RaceWay services central New Jersey with multiple fueling stations and convenience stores.

Creating Fueling Policies with a RaceWay Credit Card

You can get a fleet fuel credit card for every driver who is authorized to purchase gas for your company. By assigning a unique ID to each driver, you have control over authorized purchases as well as the ability to see unauthorized purchases.

The unique driver identification allows each driver to have different restrictions or greater access, depending on what you deem is appropriate. You can change the restrictions as needed.

Forget Reimbursements with a RaceWay Credit Card

If you are using a reimbursement policy for gas purchases, then you know what a hassle it is to track expenses. By using RaceWay business credit cards for all of your fuel purchases you can access detailed reports in just one place and eliminate the need to reimburse employees or find lost receipts.

Cutting Back on Unnecessary Fuel Expenses with a RaceWay Credit Card

Most employees are honest, but even an honest employee may not see the harm in using a company gas card to fill up a personal vehicle. Many companies have major invisible waste due to minor infringements that add up over time.

By using RaceWay credit cards to track gas purchases, you can see when and where employees are using their credit cards and if they are being used appropriately. Using a fleet card cuts down on employee theft and gives you back the control you need to manage the rising costs of fuel.

There is no minimum or maximum number of drivers that can be assigned to your account. Fleet managers and other businesses can use RaceWay credit cards to take advantage of free account management for fuel expenses. Compare credit cards now!

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