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Rainbow Credit Card The symbol of the rainbow has been adopted by the LGBT community, and the Rainbow credit card is a way to support the Rainbow Endowment. From social issues to medical research, the Rainbow Endowment has already given almost $2 million dollars to different organizations. Read below to find out more about how the Rainbow credit card can make a difference.

The LGBT community is a network of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender persons. Whether you belong to this community through your own orientation or if you just believe in supporting a good cause, the Rainbow credit card is a great way to show your support. Find more credit card offers now!

The Rainbow credit card supports the Rainbow Endowment with automatic donations for every purchase you make. The donations do not come out of your pocket but are provided through Bank of America. As a cardholder, you also get to earn rewards for yourself.

The Services Received with the Rainbow Credit Card

As mentioned above, every time you make a purchase with your Rainbow credit card, a portion of the purchase is donated to Rainbow Endowment. Using affinity credit cards like this allows you to give to a worthy cause without having to come up with your own funds.

By being a cardholder, you also receive fraud protection and 24 hour account service. Cards are free for any family members you choose. As an added bonus you get free concierge service.

The Rewards Received with the Rainbow Credit Card

When you make purchases with the Rainbow credit card, you earn one point for every net dollar you spend. As you accumulate rewards you can cash them in or get gift certificates. You can also redeem your points for car rentals, hotels, or other travel credit card benefits.

Some Organizations Supported by the Rainbow Credit Card

There are many organizations that are supported by the Rainbow Endowment and the Rainbow credit card. These organizations are usually not for profit and they range in services for education and counseling to research for advancement.

Some of the organizations are the Advocates for Youth, the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America, American Civil Liberties Foundation, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, and the National Coalition for LGBT Health. The grant money helps to fund awareness for a range of topics, such as breast cancer or school violence.

While it is not always easy to make financial contributions to various organizations, by using the Rainbow credit card you can make a difference just by using the card to make all of your purchases. Find more online credit cards now!

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