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Rainier Credit Card Rainier Pacific Bank was closed down in February of 2010 due to bankruptcy. All accounts from Rainier Pacific Bank, including any Rainier credit cards if any, were transferred to Umpqua Bank. Umpqua Bank offers three different credit cards that will be reviewed in this article.

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Many banks have already been closed down, and Rainier Bank was not the first. In fact it was the 22nd bank to get closed nationally in 2010 alone. Umpqua Bank from Oregon assumed all of the deposits and reopened the bank doors under its own name.

Although there are no Rainier credit cards, there are several Visa credit card choices available from Umpqua Bank. Umpqua offers the Signature Rewards, the Platinum, the College Reward student credit cards, and the Co-Signer credit cards. The Co-Signer credit card is available if you want to start building your credit history but need a co-signer to get started.

The Platinum Umpqua Credit Card to Replace Rainier Credit Cards

The Platinum credit card from Umpqua Bank is a simple and straight forward credit card. There are no rewards nor is there an annual fee. However, with this credit card you receive zero liability fraud protection and travel accident insurance.

The Signature Rewards Umpqua Credit Card to Replace Rainier Credit Cards

Although there is no annual fee for the Signature Rewards Visa credit card from Umpqua Bank, it does come with a rewards credit card program. With your first purchase you earn 2,500 points and those points can then be applied as a statement to your credit for $25.

The rewards you earn can be redeemed for cash back credit card rewards, or as seen above, as statement credits. You will have various options of receiving double the rewards while you are a cardholder.

The College Rewards Umpqua Credit Card to Replace Rainier Credit Cards

College students who are interested in receiving a rewards credit card with no annual fee can apply for the College Rewards credit card from Umpqua Bank. With your first purchase you automatically earn 1,000 points that you can then redeem for a value of $10 as a credit to your billing statement.

Although Rainier Bank and any Rainier credit cards are now defunct, cardholders can apply for a variety of credit cards from Umpqua Bank instead. Compare online credit cards now!

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