RBC BANK (USA) Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

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RBC BANK (USA) Visa Platinum Rewards Credit CardIn the turbulent economy we are facing these days, finding a credit card that offers a 0% APR is becoming more and more difficult. However, finding a card that offers such a benefit can be a very important money-saving endeavor, because using it for a large purchase or vacation gives you extended period of time to pay off the balance without having to pay any finance charges. The RNC Bank Visa Platinum Rewards card offers a special introductory APR with many other benefits.

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In addition to the Visa Platinum Rewards card, RBC Bank also offers a Rewards Plus card that features many of the same benefits except with an addition rewards component. If you rely on rewards and are looking to take the next step in obtaining more rewards, the Rewards Plus card may be the right card for you.

RBC Bank Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Introductory Rate Details and Fees

For the first six billing cycles that you have the RBC Bank Visa Platinum Rewards card, you will receive a 0% interest rate on all purchases and balance transfers. This allows you to not only pay your balance off in six months and avoid all interest charges, but also transfer any balance from a higher rate and higher balance credit card.

After the first six months, the interest rate will increase to the standard interest rate, which varies between 9.99% and 19.99%.

Your interest rate is based on the current credit prime rate.

According to a recent article on credit card news from Forbes.com, the total volume of credit card usage increased in both January and February of 2012. This means that more and more consumers are relying on credit cards. This makes finding the right credit card for you extremely important.

Additional Benefits of the RBC Bank Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

The card can be used anywhere in the world that accepts Visa credit cards, and can be also used at any Visa ATM in the world. In addition, the card offers complete fraud protection and, for large purchases made with the card, you can receive an extended warranty.

Travel insurance and auto rental insurance also come standard when you use the card to book a trip.

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