RBC BANK (USA) Visa Platinum Rewards Plus Credit Card

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RBC BANK (USA) Visa Platinum Rewards Plus Credit CardMany rewards cards available today offer one point for each dollar spent on eligible purchases. If you are looking for a card that will help your spending earn more rewards, the RBC BANK (USA) Visa Platinum Rewards Plus credit card may be the card for which you have been looking. The Plus means that you get more than the traditional amount of points when you make eligible purchases and, with the potential of the annual percentage rate on the credit card under 10%, you may be able to build points faster than you ever thought possible.

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RBC Bank offers three credit cards – the Platinum Rewards and Platinum Rewards Plus, as well as the basic Visa Platinum card. If you are not looking for rewards, but instead would like a basic card with no fees, then the plain Visa Platinum from RBC may be a better choice.

Rewards Program for the RBC Bank Visa Platinum Rewards Plus Credit Card

With every dollar that you spend on eligible purchases, you can receive a total of one and a half points towards your rewards program. This is a 50% increase over many other rewards cards, including the RBC Visa Rewards card. However, keep in mind that while the regular rewards card does not charge an annual fee, the Rewards Plus Card charges $55 per year.

Determining the Right RBC Bank Credit Card for You

Before you apply for the credit card, you should determine if the annual fee that you would have to pay is worth the rewards that you will receive in return. If you use your card for everyday purchases, earning that extra 50% may be worth it in the long run.

If you only use your card once in a while, you may be better off not paying the annual fee and just applying for the regular rewards card.

If you still need help determining what the best card is for you, take a look at the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB offers assistance, support, financial tips, and more for individuals looking for credit cards.

If this is not the right card for you, this site can also help! Keep looking for FREE credit card offers by clicking here today!

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