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Reach Visa Credit CardThis Reach Visa Credit Card review will discuss the card and some of the benefits of using it as opposed to a traditional credit card. It is a good way to manage your money and avoid unwanted fees from credit card use.

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Reach Visa Credit Card Benefits

The Reach Card by Visa is a prepaid card that can be used wherever debit cards are allowed. It has many benefits over traditional credit cards, which can put you further into debt every time you use them. Once you load money onto the Reach Card, you can use it just as you would a debit card for purchases as well as to pay bills.

It is a lot more convenient and safer than carrying around cash and unlike some prepaid cards, you do not have to open a checking account in order to get one. You can have your paychecks or other source of income directly deposited onto your card so that you always have money readily available.

Although there are some fees associated with the Reach Card, there aren’t that many and it may be a better financial choice than cash or a checking account when you compare the fees of all of them.

Reach Visa Credit Card Fees

Similar to some credit cards, like a rewards credit card or secured credit card, there are a few fees that are associated with the Reach Visa Card.

The activation fee is a one-time fee of $9.95 when you first get your card. An ongoing monthly fee of $8.95 will be charged and every time that you use the ATM, you will be charged $2.50. One way to avoid the ATM fees is by always getting cash back when you use the card to make a purchase.

You also will be charged a load fee when you add funds to your card. This fee varies and is charged independently from the Reach card.

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