ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid Card

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With the ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid card, consumers who are unable to get bank accounts or be approved for traditional credit cards can conveniently pay for their expenses. The ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid works asĀ prepaid debit card and a virtual bank account. Paychecks can be direct deposited and automatic bill payment features are available to cardholder over the Internet.

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation urges prepaid credit cardholders to look at all applicable fees closely. Dormant account charges and even money loading fees can cause prepaid credit card balances to go down quickly. There is no fee for loading money on the ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid card, and there are no account dormancy charges.

ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid Card Features

After consumers sign up for the ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid card, they are automatically enrolled in a credit score monitoring program. Anytime a change is made to their credit report, ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid cardholders are alerted.

Cash deposits can be made at any store or merchant assigned with Visa ReadyLink. You can keep as little money as you want on the ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid Card without incurring fees or being penalized.

ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid Details

  • Instant Account Number – 100% Approval *
  • Free Credit Score Tracker
  • Free Direct Deposit – paycheck, benefits, tax refunds
  • Free Unlimited Purchase Transactions
  • Free Online Bill Payment & Check Writing
  • No Overdraft Fees or Balance Minimums
  • Choose Your Card Color – Blue or Pink

* Subject to I.D. Verification

Although the ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid card mainly appeals to those who are not able to utilize traditional banking methods, this card is also advantageous to consumers that do not like carrying real currency.

This card can be used by students and cash can be added to ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid accounts from anywhere in the United States.

Poor credit consumers that are learning better money management skills can use this card to avoid expensive credit card late payment fees and bank overdraft charges. Every applicant is guaranteed to be approved and there are no minimum credit requirements. In addition to offering online bill payment, the ReadyDebit Visa Prepaid is also accepted at online retailers who process Visa credit cards.

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