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RevolutionCard Credit Card The RevolutionCard is marketed as a different financial product than a standard credit card. It is supposed to be more secure than other types of plastic.

The accountholder’s identity is not readily apparent to anyone who sees the card, for one thing. Unlike other available options, this card does not display the accountholder’s name or account number.

This card uses a PIN instead of a signature. The idea is to offer the cardholder a greater degree of security. Previously, a person could pick up a card and copy the signature on the back of it to make purchases. With the RevolutionCard, this is not a possibility, since the person who has the card would need to know the four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use it. Compare this with other credit card offers today!

RevolutionCard Credit Card Features

Customers are not required to pay an annual fee on their account. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) charged to customers who choose this card is based on the applicant’s creditworthiness. If the balance is not paid of in full each month, the customer is charged at a rate of interest that floats with his or her credit rating.

Other credit card companies do the same thing when they tie an applicant’s APR to their credit history. This company is being a bit more direct about it.

Rates charged range from 7.99-29.5% on purchases, depending on their creditworthiness. The company states that this credit option is available to everyone, since people who have had credit issues in the past are just charged a higher interest rate on their account. Being charged almost 30% on a credit card is a bit steep, though, even for people who have a history of credit problems.

RevolutionCard Credit Card Benefits

Cardholders can store up to $15,000 on the card for purchases. The funds are transferred from the customer’s bank account.

Payments can be made online at no charge. This card also offers identity theft protection to customers.

RevolutionCard Credit Card Benefits Merchants

The RevolutionCard is accepted by a number of merchants, including Barnes & Noble. The fees charged are 0.5% of the purchase, which is much lower than the standard 1.9% usually charged on transactions. Compare other credit card rates now!

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