Rogers Enterprises Rogers & Hollands Credit Card

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Rogers Enterprises Rogers & Hollands Credit CardIf you’re a Rogers & Hollands fan and you wear their jewelry on a regular basis, then you may be interested in a Rogers Enterprises Rogers & Hollands credit card. Unfortunately, however, Rogers & Hollands doesn’t offer a credit card.

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Although it doesn’t offer a credit card, Rogers Enterprises does offer lines of credit to its shoppers. You won’t actually receive a credit card, but you will have an account number and a line of credit that can be extended based on the purchases that you want to make.

Rogers & Hollands Credit Card – Establishing a Line of Credit

In order to establish a line of credit with Rogers & Hollands, you don’t have to have a perfect credit history. Much like any department store credit card, Rogers Enterprises isn’t as strict about offering credit as a credit card company might be.

However, with that being said, this doesn’t mean that someone with a bankruptcy or foreclosure will be able to qualify. You still have to have some established good credit and a reasonable credit history for the company to award you with a line of credit.

Rogers & Hollands Credit Card – Line of Credit Terms

Just because this is a line of credit doesn’t mean that Rogers Enterprises can make up its own terms for it. The company is bound by the same laws as credit card companies when it comes to charging you fees. You can learn more about the credit card laws from the Federal Reserve‘s website.

Because this is similar to a department store credit card, the APR for establishing online credit starts at a very high rate, which is 18%.

The highest APR for a line of credit is 24.99%.

While there is no annual fee for a line of credit with Rogers & Hollands, there is a monthly account maintenance fee of $1.99. This can be charged annually or monthly, depending upon the terms offered to you by Rogers & Hollands.

If you make a late payment, your fees will range between $5 and $39, depending upon the current total balance on your credit line. In addition, your returned payment fees range from $15 to $30.

Rogers Enterprises Rogers & Hollands Credit Card – Verdict

It’s hard to recommend this line of credit option. The interest rates are high and you have to pay a maintenance fee every month. You should consider applying for a credit card, rather than a line of credit with Rogers & Hollands.

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