S.A.F.E. Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

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S.A.F.E. Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit CardThis card is the top Visa card currently offered by the S.A.F.E. Credit Union. The cardholder could choose to enroll in the Platinum rewards program if they wanted to add extra features to their S.A.F.E. Credit Union Visa Platinum card. This card offers the lowest rates of all the other cards available through this credit union.

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Many people choose to become members of a credit union instead of clients of a bank because they feel the service is more personalized. Even though credit unions require members to live in certain areas or work in certain industries to join, almost anyone can find a credit union that they are eligible to join in their area. The My Credit Union website can help you find your credit union today.

S.A.F.E. Credit Union Visa Platinum Rates

For the first six months that they have the S.A.F.E. Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card, the cardholder will enjoy a 1.9% interest rate on all purchases. After this low interest rate period is over, their permanent purchase interest rate will be between 7.9% and 17.9%.

Their final interest rate is based on their creditworthiness and annual income.

The low interest period does not apply to the cash advance or balance transfer annual percentage rate.

There is a penalty APR for this credit card. If the cardholder has a returned payment or turns the payment in late, their interest rate will rise to 23.9%. Luckily, this extremely high rate does not have to be permanent. The interest rate will go back to its lower rate once there are six payments in a row paid on time.

S.A.F.E. Credit Union Visa Platinum Fees

There is no annual fee for this credit card at this time. There is also no transaction fee for balance transfers or penalty fee for exceeding the card’s credit limit. For cash advances, the cardholder will be charged a 3% fee with a minimum $10 charge. A foreign transaction carries a 1% fee.

The charge for late payments will be either $15 or the current minimum amount due, whichever is less. The charge for a returned payment will never exceed $10.

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