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Saint Leo University Credit Card Typically, when you want a college-represented credit card, you choose that card so that you can show some financial support for that card. Unfortunately, not all colleges have affinity credit cards that you can choose from. One college without a credit card option is Saint Leo University.

Saint Leo University is the first Catholic college in Florida. The small campus has 1000 students and class sizes are small, around 18 students per class. That doesn’t stop them from offering over 40 majors and several graduate degrees to their students. Find other credit card offers now!

In addition to their Florida campus, Saint Leo University has 17 contingency education centers around the US. This allows for distance learning in a classroom setting. They also offer online classes for non-traditional students.

Saint Leo University Credit Card – What a University Card Offers

Most university credit cards offer an affinity program. What this means is that the credit card company that offers the card makes a donation to your university, college, or alumni program based on your total purchase amount.

This donation isn’t a lot of money as it is usually 1/4 to 1/2 of 1% of your total purchase or for every time you spend $100. However, most schools benefit because if thousands of people qualify for the card, then that tiny percentage amount can add up. In addition, there is generally of one time donation of $20 to $50 made when you activate your card.

Many schools restrict applications to current and past students, faculty and staff and families of student. This is different from student credit cards. Other schools have no restrictions on who can apply.

When you use a card that benefits the school with donations, you cannot make a claim on your tax returns. You will be informed of how much money was donated in your name, but this donation is made by the credit card company, not by you!

Saint Leo University Credit Card – Possibility for the Future

It is possible that there could be a future credit card in the works for Saint Leo University. If you are a student or an alumnus, then you should contact the school and ask about a future credit card program.

Saint Leo University Credit Card – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is there is no Saint Leo University credit card. There are plenty of other great credit cards available, however. Try our chaser tool today and get credit card offers now!

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