Sam’s Club Credit Card

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Sam's Club Credit Card Sam’s Club credit cards come in both personal and business flavors. Sam’s Club is one of America’s leading national cash and carry wholesale chains. Access to their stores is granted for both business and personal use with an annual paid membership. Sam’s Club members can pay for their merchandise with either an in-house credit card or a Sam’s Club branded Discover card.

You may apply for any of these credit cards by visiting the Sam’s Club website. However, you must already be a Sam’s Club member with an account in good standing, and you must have an online Sam’s Club account. If you don’t have an online account you can register immediately and apply for the credit cards. Find more credit card offers now!

Sam’s Club in-house credit card can be used for any and all purchases made at Sam’s Club locations around the United States. It cannot be used for purchases outside of Sam’s Club outlets or their online store. Benefits of the in-store card include zero liability fraud protection, special financing and sales promotions, up to $60 in cash access at any club location, and the convenience of having one card for both membership and credit.

Sam’s Club Credit Card – Discover Card

A Sam’s Club Discover card works like any other Discover Card and can be used at both Sam’s Club and anywhere else Discover is accepted. The card is issued by GE Money Bank. Consumers can apply for either the cash back credit cards or the mileage rewards credit card, depending on personal preference. The standard Discover benefits apply equally to both cards; only the rewards are different.

Sam’s Club Credit Card – Cash Back

With the cash back Sam’s Club credit card consumers earn up to 2% cash back on all purchases made at Sam’s Club. An additional 1% cash back award is given for purchases everywhere else. Cash back awards can be redeemed using an online account management tool provided by Discover, and can be used to reduce your Discover bill, or convert to cash or gift cards sent to members in the mail.

Sam’s Club Credit Card – Mileage Rewards

The mileage reward Sam’s Club card cardholders earn 1 mile for every dollar in purchases regardless of where they are made. Miles can be redeemed for air travel credit card rewards, hotel accommodations, car rental, travel packages, and merchandise. Mileage awards do not expire. Compare credit cards now!

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