San Diego County Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

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San Diego County Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit CardThe San Diego County Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card is a card full of benefits for its cardholders. As the name suggests, San Diego County Credit Union is a California institution servicing the residents of San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties.

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Credit unions offer many of the same services as banks, but there is a difference. While banks are in business to make money, credit unions are non-profit organizations. The members are the owners and receive any profits in the form of dividends. Credit unions also tend to be more highly rated in customer service.

SDC CU Visa Platinum Credit Card Options

Unlike other rewards credit cards that have one rewards program, the SDC CU Visa Platinum card allows you to choose between two different programs. Good Morning America has some tips on what to look for in a rewards program if you don’t know which to choose.

The first choice is the Cash Rewards program. With this option, cardholders receive a 1% cash rebate on their credit card purchase totals. The rebate is deposited in their account each month. There’s no limit to the amount of cash you can get back. With this option, the card also has no annual fee.

The other option is the Fly Miles Plus Rewards program.

With this program, you earn points on purchases that can be used towards airfare, cruises, hotel stays, or gift cards. You’ll get a 1,000 point bonus when you sign up. There is a yearly limit on the points you can receive of 120,000. There’s no annual fee the first year. After that, it’s $35 if you spend less than $6,000 per year.

SDCCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Benefits

On top of the rewards program, the Visa Platinum card from San Diego County Credit Union has many other benefits. Book your travel tickets with the card and you’ll get up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance coverage. Cardholders also get free rental car insurance when the reservation is made with the Visa Platinum.

The interest rate for purchases ranges from 9.99% to 19.99%. The interest rates for cash advances and balance transfers on the credit card are higher. The credit limit can be as low as $1,000 and as high as $50,000.

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One Cardholder Review for the “San Diego County Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card”

  1. Don says:
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    Only use this card as a back up! The SDCCU turns the card off at the most inopportune times. I had to sleep in my car overnight in Wyoming because I was in between duty stations and traveling. They turned the card off because I was purchasing gas in different states. I only had the one card and it was in the middle of nowhere at an unattended gas station. It has been turned off multiple times until I call them and they ask me to verify the charges. It usually gets turned off because I buy to much gas in a 24 hour period or I use it in another state. I am in the military and have a wife and three kids, all of which drive and use the card.

    Anyway, I quit using it and rely on USAA now. USAA will text me and ask me to verify a transaction. No big deal, type Y for yes and I am done. The SDCCU can only help you during business hours.

    Crappy way to do business! If you want your card turned off 2-3 times per year, this is the card for you!

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