San Francisco Renegades Credit Card

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San Francisco Renegades Credit Card The San Francisco Renegades is a not for profit organization dedicated to the drum and bugle corp. They were founded in 1996 and took full action in 1999. Since there is no San Francisco Renegades credit card to help fund the organization, they rely heavily on your donations.

You can also support the San Francisco Renegades through your purchase of different merchandise. They have T-shirts, tank shirts, and hats. You can also buy pins, key chains, license plate frames, bottle openers, and bracelets. Find other online credit cards now!

Since the San Francisco Renegades group is all about music, their store also sells CDs and DVDs featuring their various performances. You can purchase any of your items using a major credit card. The San Francisco Renegade credit cards that are accepted include American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

The San Francisco Renegades Credit Card from Visa

If there ever was a Visa San Francisco Renegades credit card then it certainly does not exist any longer. It is possible it never existed at all since some affinity credit cards are contemplated and planned but they never actually make it to a release date.

Not For Profit Credit Cards Similar to San Francisco Renegades Credit Card

Although the San Francisco Renegades do not have a credit card, if they did it would most likely be a rewards credit card. San Francisco Renegades are a not for profit organization, which means they use donations, fund raisers, and general sales to sustain their work.

Many organizations that are not for profit use credit cards as a way to earn money for their organization. With these types of credit cards the cardholder earns rewards while the issuing bank makes donations to the organization as well.

For example, if the San Francisco Renegades credit card existed as a rewards or affinity credit card, then every time you made a purchase, a certain amount of the purchase would be donated to the Drum and Bugle Corps. If you spend $100 then perhaps the San Francisco Renegades would earn $10.

Rewards for Cardholders of the San Francisco Renegades Credit Card

Most rewards cards that sponsor not for profit organizations also reward the cardholders. If the San Francisco Renegades credit card offered rewards then perhaps you would earn 100 points on a $100 purchase. You would then be able to redeem your points for merchandise or possible travel credit card rewards.

Even though there is no San Francisco Renegades credit card, you can still make donations to them to help support their mission. You can also support them through the purchase of apparel, merchandise, or music. Find other online credit card offers now!

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