School Employees Credit Union of Washington Visa Youth Credit Card

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School Employees Credit Union of Washington Visa Youth Credit CardAs a parent of a school-age child, you may find that you need to give your child access to a credit card. However, you obviously want to maintain ultimate control of the card and make sure that your child is using it properly. If this is the case, the School Employees Credit Union (SECU) of Washington Visa Youth credit card may be the ideal card for you. The card is also known as the Elements Visa.

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In addition to Elements Visa, the SECU of Washington offers several traditional banking products and services, such as checking accounts, auto loans, insurance services, investment advice, mortgages, and personal loans. SECU of Washington also has two traditional credit cards available to customers – the SECU of Washington Visa Classic and Visa Platinum.

How the SECU of Washington Elements Visa Credit Card Works

The Elements card requires a parent or guardian to be the co-signer for the credit card, which is available to children ages 11 to 17. Once the card is approved, the parent or guardian can set the available credit limit, up to $500. While the card has all the same benefits as a traditional Visa card, such as worldwide acceptance, fraud protection and 24/7 customer service, the ultimate responsibility for the monthly payments and overall debt belongs to the adult.

A thing to consider is that a recent study through MSN showed that young adults who have experience and knowledge of credit and credit cards feel more empowered and successful. So it may be a good idea to teach your children about credit cards at a young age.

Details and Rates for the Elements Visa Credit Card

The SECU of Washington Elements Visa card is technically the same as the SECU of Washington Visa Classic card, and carries an annual percentage rate of 9.2%.

There is no annual fee for the card, but there is a late fee of up to $15.

Parents can sign up for monthly e-statements, and can monitor spending 24/7 online. In addition, the credit limit can be lowered at any time, but can never be higher than $500. To apply for the Elements Visa, visit one of the SECU of Washington branches or call the toll-free application phone number.

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