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Seattle Seahawks Credit Card

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The Seattle Seahawks Credit Card is an excellent choice for anyone who is a big football fan. Barclay Bank offers the only official NFL credit card that can be customized with the logo of any NFL team.

NFL team affinity credit cards are the preferred choice for those who are die-hard Seahawks fans. They will enjoy showing off a great looking card with their team logo on the front every time they make a purchase.

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NFL Extra Points Credit Card Specs

The purchase APR is 14.99% to 22.99%, with a cash advance APR of 25.24% variable. The fee for a cash advance with this card is 5% (or a minimum of $10). Late payment fee is up to $35 and there is also a 3% foreign transaction fee.

Seattle Seahawks Credit Card Rewards

The Extra Points rewards credit card program allows the NFL fan to accumulate rewards points as he or she makes purchases.

The points can be redeemed for game day tickets, merchandise, apparel, once in a lifetime experiences and team memorabilia.

Comparing the Seattle Seahawks Credit Card

Take the time to compare the Seattle Seahawks Credit Card with other credit cards that appeal to you before you take out your next credit card.

Put an online credit card offer comparison tool to work for you to help you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this card and others.

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