Security Service Federal Credit Union MasterCard Rewards Credit Card

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Security Service Federal Credit Union MasterCard Rewards Credit CardSecurity Service Federal Credit Union offers a wide range of credit cards for its member to carry, including a MasterCard Rewards card. This rewards card is unusual in that it has very low fees, something most rewards cards can’t say. If you qualify, you can also have access to a generous credit line.

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Security Service Federal Credit Union, or SSFCU, prides itself on serving those who serve our country. Military personnel and civilian employees of military bases can apply regardless of where you live. SSFCU also invites residents of particular areas of Texas, Colorado, and Utah to join. SSFCU, like all credit unions, is a non-profit organization.

SSFCU MasterCard Rewards Your Purchases

The MasterCard Rewards credit card is the only rewards card that SSFCU offers. When you make a purchase with the card, you’ll earn a point value equal to the purchase price. As these points add up, you can choose from a variety of items to redeem with the points. These rewards can be gift cards, travel, or other items from the rewards catalog. It’s your choice!

SSFCU also offers a rewards debit card.

When you make purchases with this card, you get a point for every $2 you spend.

These points can be combined to earn those rewards faster.

Consumer Reports examined rewards credit cards, and advises consumers that rewards cards usually have higher interest rates than other credit cards. It also says that rewards cards are best used by people who pay off their balances each month, while those who carry a balance are better off finding the lowest APR credit card that they can.

SSFCU MasterCard Rewards Credit Card Account Information

The SSFCU MasterCard Rewards card does have a 25-day grace period. This will allow cardholders time to pay off the charges before they begin accruing interest. This is a good thing, since the interest rate on this card is higher than the Gold cards also offered by SSFCU. The MasterCard Rewards card has an APR of 12.75%.This is quite a difference from the Gold cards, which sport a low 8.75% credit card APR.

The credit limit ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. There’s no annual, balance transfer, or cash advance fee.

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