SEFCU Visa Secured Gold Credit Card

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SEFCU Visa Secured Gold Credit CardThe SEFCU Visa Secured Gold credit card is designed to help SEFCU members re-establish their credit. Although it is often difficult for people with a poor credit history to be granted a credit card, secured cards are different.

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SEFCU, like all credit unions, is a non-profit. The members who have accounts at the credit union are also the owners. This gives the customers a different experience at a credit union than bank customers often receive. SEFCU is open to residents of Albany, New York and certain areas of northern New York.

SEFCU Visa Secured Gold Credit Card Helps Rebuild Credit

Hard times can hit everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes they haunt us for quite a while. This is especially true if your credit scores have taken a big hit. In order to rebuild credit there are several steps you can take. FICO gives advice on how to improve your credit scores on its myFICO website.

If you need or want a credit card, either as part of your credit rebuilding strategy or in order to do things like buy online or rent cars, look into a secured credit card.

Pre-paid cards do not report to the credit agencies, whereas secured cards do.

A secured credit card has to have a bank account as collateral. At SEFCU, you must have the full amount of the credit limit plus 10% in an SEFCU savings or certificate share account. This money in the account is what makes the lending institution willing to give a card to people with poor credit. At SEFCU, your deposit will continue to earn interest while also serving its purpose as collateral.

SEFCU Visa Secured Gold Credit Card Low Rates

Most secured cards have much higher interest rates than normal, unsecured cards. If you pay your balance off each month, as experts suggest to those trying to rebuild their finances, this might not matter. But not everyone is able to do this.

The SEFCU Visa Secured Gold card has an extremely low interest rate. It’s the prime rate, with no additional interest. Presently that rate is 3.25%.

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