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Select Comfort Credit Card Select Comfort customers who wish to finance the purchase of a new bed from this retailer use the company Select Comfort credit card to do so.

This well-known retailer encourages customers to find out that their personal “Sleep Number” is so that they can get a good night’s sleep. The Sleep Number determines how firm or soft the bed should be. Get other credit card offers online now!

A customer who buys a Select Comfort bed has the convenience of being able to use a remote control device to adjust the level of firmness for each side of the bed separately. This is promoted as a great choice for couples who have different preferences in the mattress on their bed. Each person can set his or her side of the bed to the level of firmness that will help them get a good night’s sleep.

Select Comfort Credit Card Preferred Financing

Customers who choose to pay for their new bed with the Select Comfort retail credit card can enjoy the benefit of 0% financing if their purchase is paid for within 12 months. A customer who is late with a payment will be charged interest on the purchase, however.

Select Comfort Credit Card Benefit

A customer who is interested in purchasing one of the premium beds offered by this company can plan to pay for his or her purchase over a whole year with their store credit card.

Select Comfort Credit Card Annual Percentage Rate

If a customer takes longer than 12 months to pay or is late with a payment, the normal Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for this card is a high 29.9%. A monthly maintenance fee of $0.99 is also charged for each month that the card carries a balance.

As long as a person who applies for this credit option is able to pay for their bed in a year and make the payments on time, the Select Comfort credit card is a good deal. The default interest rate is very high, and it is applied if a customer is late one time with a payment. Anyone who is even slightly concerned about not being able to pay off their bed in 12 months or keeping up with the payments may want to consider other payment options.

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