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Senate Visa Smart RewardsThe Senate Visa Smart Rewards card is a rewards credit card issued by the United States Senate Federal Credit Union to its members. You must first become a member of the USSFCU before applying for this card. As a credit union, membership is restricted to a certain group of people.

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The Senate Credit Union offers membership to three groups of people. First, anyone employed or retired from member businesses are eligible. Current members can sponsor their family members so they can open their own accounts. Anyone who joins the U.S. Capital Historical Society can also join.

Senate Visa Smart Rewards Account Info

The Senate Visa Rewards card has almost no fees. There’s no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and no cash advance fee. There’s also no fee if you go over limit on the credit card. Also, the interest rate is the same for cash advances and balance transfers as it is for purchases. And you’ll never see a rate hike if you miss a payment.

The interest rate for the Senate Visa Smart Rewards is a variable 10.25%. There’s no minimum interest charge on this card. You have at least a 25-day grace period before interest rates apply, but only to purchases. The interest rate applies immediately for credit card cash advances and balance transfers – there is no grace period for either of these.

Senate Visa Smart Rewards and You

With the Senate Visa Smart Rewards card, you’ll receive a reward point for every dollar you spend on purchases with your card. There’s nothing you need to do and no special websites or stores to shop from. You don’t even have to fill out any paperwork to enroll in the program. You’re automatically enrolled when you open the account.

The Smart Rewards program is a two-in-one rewards program.

If you prefer cash back over rewards points, you can redeem the points to get cash.

Or you can use them to get travel benefits. This includes airfare, hotel stays, and car rentals. Or you can exchange the points for gift cards from merchants of your choice.

Wondering how to get the most out of your rewards credit card? See The Motley Fool’s article “Get It Done: Rack up the Rewards” for tips on maximizing your rewards.

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