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Sephora Credit Card Sephora is an international chain of makeup and beauty retail stores. Selling both their own brand of beauty products as well as make up lines from Este Lauder, Urban Decay and many others, Sephora is one of the most well known beauty retailers in the world. Sephora does not have an in-store credit card; however, JCPenney credit cards are accepted in stores. According to the official Better Business Bureau website, Sephora has never been accredited.

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If you want to charge all of your Sephora purchases on a single card, you can get a Sephora gift card. This will allow you to track your Sephora related expenses down to the penny. Sephora also gives gift cardholders the option of checking their balances at any time.

Sephora Credit Card Benefits

There is also an optional program that Sephora customers can join called Beauty Insider. This discount program gives Sephora shoppers access to free gifts, discounts and even exclusive promotions. Every time a purchase is made by a Sephora Beauty Insider cardholder, points are earned. These points are only good for 12 calendar months.

Sephora Beauty Insider discount cardholders can also be upgraded to Very Important Beauty Insider status, which gives them access to an additional 10% off all future purchases. In order to become a Very Important Beauty Insider, you will need to spend more than $500 at Sephora every 12 months.

Sephora Credit Card Details

You can purchase Sephora gift cards from any Sephora location. Consumers can also order their Sephora gift cards online if they have access to personal credit cards. Once you receive your Sephora gift card, you can use it in conjunction with your Sephora Beauty Insider card. If you want to know how much money you have left on your Sephora gift card, you can go to a store or use the web to see all of the purchases that you have made.

Sephora gift cards can also be sent over the web to recipients. Simply type in the email address of the recipient and he or she will receive an online Sephora gift card to use immediately.

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