Seven Seventeen Credit Union, Inc. Visa Platinum Business Credit Card

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Seven Seventeen Credit Union, Inc. Visa Platinum Business Credit CardThe Seven Seventeen Credit Union Visa Platinum Business card is the only business credit card Seven Seventeen offers to its business members. Seven Seventeen also offers a business debit card, payroll cards, and deposit-only ATM cards. Personal accountholders are eligible for personal credit cards as well.

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Seven Seventeen Credit Union started as a credit union for hourly employees of GM in Ohio at the local IUE 717 union hall. In the past fifty years, it has expanded to serve all residents and businesses of certain counties and cities in Ohio. Businesses must be located in the specified areas, open at least one account, and apply for affiliated business status.

Seven Seventeen Visa Platinum Business Local Service

As a Seven Seventeen business member, you’ll enjoy the community feel of a local institution. All application and credit decisions are made locally. Seven Seventeen doesn’t charge an application fee.

The Visa Platinum Business card is a business credit card with no annual fee. The interest rate is a variable rate from 10.99% to 20.99%.

Your actual rate will vary depending upon the prime rate at the time you open the account, and your credit history and business income.

The APR for balance transfers and cash advances is about 4% higher. There’s no balance transfer fee for this credit card, but there is a 3% cash advance fee.

Wondering if a credit union can compete with a bank? MSN Money offers a few reasons why many people are switching to credit unions.

Seven Seventeen Business Cards

In addition to the Visa Platinum Business card, Seven Seventeen offers a few other cards for your business. There’s a Business Visa Debit card, which withdraws money from your business checking account. It’s part of the Visa Zero Liability Protection program, so you know you’re protected.

Seven Seventeen also provides a convenient deposit-only ATM card. This card allows employees to deposit checks made out to the business into the business account, but does not allow them to withdraw or transfer funds.

There are also payroll cards available. These allow businesses to transfer wages directly to a card so that employees do not have to use a bank.

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