Sharonview Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Sharonview Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit CardThe Sharonview Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum is the only rewards credit card that SFCU makes available to its members. Sharonview is a non-profit organization serving the financial needs of particular areas of South Carolina. SFCU offers this Visa and a MasterCard Platinum card to its personal accountholders.

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To apply for either of these cards, you must first apply for membership to SFCU. First you’ll have to meet residency requirements, fill out an application, and make a minimum $5 deposit into a member account. Then you can apply for a credit card.

SFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Rewards

The SFCU Visa Platinum offers a bit of a twist on most reward programs.

Like other programs, you’ll earn one point for each dollar you spend on the Visa Platinum, but you’ll also get a point for each dollar in completed balance transfers to the Visa card.

The other twist is that other purchases also accrue points to the same account. For every $2 you spend on the SFCU debit card or HomeLine card, you’ll also get a point. Shop online at the SFCU Perks Mall and get five points per dollar. These points are all added together to earn rewards of your choosing.

With this reward program, SFCU can compete with rewards programs from larger banks, something that MSN Money says that credit unions can’t always do. This is even though credit unions typically have better credit cards.

SFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card’s Other Benefits

In addition to the rewards program, the SFCU Visa Platinum has low fees and rates. There’s no annual fee or balance transfer fee. For six months, your purchase and transfer APR will be just 4.9%. After that, it can be as low as 9.99%, depending on other factors.

This credit card is great for travelers, as it provides up to $1 million in travel accident insurance. It also includes a travel enhancement package that features complementary car rental collision coverage and lost luggage insurance. Purchases will be covered by the Zero Liability promise, and you’ll be covered by the Identity Theft Assistance program.

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