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Shell Credit Card Shell offers a number of Shell credit cards to its customers. The options are geared towards people of different driving needs and income levels.

This company’s fuel credit cards often come with rewards to help customers save on their overall fuel costs. The cards can be used to pay for gasoline, car washes or repairs at any Shell service center. Customers considering this card should also know that it may be used to buy food and drink at Shell service centers as well. Compare more credit cards now!

According to the company, the majority of Americans live within five miles of a Shell station. This makes having a card issued by the company an attractive option for drivers.

Shell Credit Card: Drive for Five

The Shell Drive for Five gas credit card offers customers five cents per gallon off the cost of gasoline if they buy a minimum of 45 gallons per month (maximum of 100 gallons). The discount is good on all three grades of Shell gasoline, as well as diesel fuel.

The store credit card gives customers the option of paying off their balance in full or using revolving credit. It allows account holders to keep track of their gas purchases carefully, and customers have the convenience of paying at the pump if they wish.

Shell Credit Card: Platinum MasterCard

Customers who choose the Shell Platinum MasterCard receive a 5% rebate on all purchases made at a Shell service center. Other qualifying purchases earn customers a 0.5% rebate. Up to $20 per billing cycle may be earned in rebates.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for this card is 23.99% and it varies with changes in the prime rate. The rate charged for balance transfer credit card transactions is the same as for purchases.

Customers are given a 23-day grace period each billing cycle. If new purchases are paid in full during this time, no interest is charged.

Shell Credit Card: Fleet/Business Cards

Business customers who are operating more than one vehicle can take advantage of the Shell business credit cards or fleet credit cards offered. Owners can assign a card to a particular driver or vehicle and monitor use and costs online. Get more credit card offers now!

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    I am disgusted w/ the new credit card program I am being switched to by Shell Master Card. I was receiving a 5% discount on gasoline purchased at any Shell Station. Now,I will be required to purchase at least 500 gallons each month before I can receive a $ 10 discount. I cannot begin to use that much fuel even w/ two cars. Once again, the consumer gets shafted!! I will not be loyal to a Shell station- will shop where gas is priced the lowest since I will be losing the 5% discount on each gallon.

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