Shell Federal Credit Union MasterCard Credit Card

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Shell Federal Credit Union MasterCard Credit CardShell Federal Credit Union offers a MasterCard credit card to its members with a low introductory rate. Shell Federal Credit Union, or SFCU, began as a credit union serving the employees of Shell Oil Company. Now it serves all residents of Harris County, Texas, as well as family members of current members.

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Credit unions are non-profit organizations. They perform many of the functions of a bank, but rather than being run as money-making businesses, credit unions have a different approach. They are owned by their members, so the members are treated as owners and generally receive higher rated customer service.

SFCU MasterCard Credit Card Convenience

With the SFCU MasterCard, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of a modern credit card with the outstanding service for which credit unions are known. You can set up your account to receive alerts when certain activities occur, like payment reminders, purchases, your balance exceeds a certain amount, etc.

SFCU has also set up a text system. This allows you to check credit card balances, check due dates for payments, and access other information from your phone. You’ll also have the convenience of e-statements. You can also access your account information at any time online and pay your bill.

SFCU MasterCard Credit Card Rates

The Shell Federal Credit Union MasterCard has an extremely low introductory interest rate. For six months, you’ll only pay 2.99% APR on purchases and balance transfers.

When the introductory offer ends, the APR will range between 9.75% and 15.75%, depending upon your credit scores, total debt, and income.

There’s no annual or balance transfer fee with this card. The cash advance fee is 2%.

Even though there’s no reward program with this card, CNN, in “Rewards Cards Get More Rewarding,” says that for many people, that’s a good thing as rewards credit cards aren’t for everybody.

SFCU also offers its MasterCard cardholders access to the MasterCard SecureCode system. This is a free service that allows cardholders to set up a password for the credit card. The password must be entered when using the card to buy anything online, helping to protect your card number from being used for unauthorized purchases.

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