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ShopNBC Credit Card There are two ShopNBC credit cards available for consumers. One of them is for use buying merchandise from and ShopNBC. The other one is a Platinum MasterCard that can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

The advantage of choosing the ShopNBC retail credit card for people who are or plan to do a lot of shopping on the site is that they can take advantage of free shipping offers. Special financing offers are made available to ShopNBC cardholders. Compare this with other credit card offers now!

The ShopNBC store credit card offers accountholders protection from identity theft. It also provides some benefits to travelers.

ShopNBC Credit Card Features

New customers receive a $25 credit on their account statement simply for opening the account. For every $1,000 they spend using the card, a customer receives a $10 statement credit. No annual fee is charged for using this card.

Account holders can get a cash advance against their account by using any one the ATMs or banks that display the MasterCard or Cirrus label.

ShopNBC Credit Card Benefits

Account holders who have a ShopNBC credit card are protected against fraudulent purchases with a $0 liability provision. This includes purchases made online or in person. They also benefit from MasterRental and Purchase Assurance insurance coverage with this card.

Cardholders can also access Travel Assist Services and Master RoadAssist Roadside Services. This can be a very helpful travel credit card benefit for customers who don’t have these benefits through an auto club or other source.

ShopNBC Credit Card Interest Rates

The standard Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for this card is 19.99-23.99%. The rate fluctuates as the prime rate moves up and down. The rate that a customer will be charged depends on his or her creditworthiness. Customers may be charged a monthly maintenance fee on their account.

The ShopNBC credit card does offer an interesting cash back credit card feature, but the interest rate charged on outstanding balances is higher than what a customer with at least good credit could get from another good credit credit card. Unless a person is going to be buying a lot of products from ShopNBC, there are better choices available to consumers. Find and compare other credit cards now!

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