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SilverCard Prepaid Master CardThe SilverCard prepaid credit card is a great alternative to a traditional credit card. Traditional credit cards carry great risk and depending on their credit score some people can find it difficult to be approved.

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The Perks to Having a SilverCard

One of the main benefits of a prepaid credit card is that everyone can get one. When someone has a poor credit score, they often will not be approved for a more traditional credit card. It can be very inconvenient to not have a credit card in today’s society. A person needs a credit card the majority of the time to make online purchases and a credit card makes bill payments and in store purchases much simpler.

The SilverCard offers many other benefits like no overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements, no activation fee, a free direct deposit program, no transaction fees, free text and email alerts, transfer money from PayPal to the SilverCard for free, wire transfers, and a free online service to manage the credit card account.

SilverCard is Simple to Use

Another great benefit to any prepaid credit card is that they can be a very affective budgeting tool. Since there is no credit limit and the only money on the card is the money the cardholder adds to it, there is no risk of going into debt with a prepaid credit card.

Using a prepaid credit card is also a lot safer than carrying cash. If cash is stolen, there is no way to get that money back. With a prepaid credit card even if it stolen and the money is spent, the money is FDIC-insured and will be replaced. If the card is lost, the cardholder will be issued a new one and none of their money will be lost.

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